First Company in India to Pack
100% Tender Coconut Water

National Award
Winner for The Best
Coconut Processor

COCOJAL - Natural Thirst Quencher
Truely A Nature's Drink

Serve your Guest Natural Energizer Drink COCOJAL - The Tender Coconut Water

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All the taste, health and medicinal properties of Tender Coconut Water in Bottles / Tetra Pak.
COCOJAL is 100% Tender Coconut Water put through a special process and packed in Food Grade Bottles / Tetra Pak, which keeps it fresh for 12 months. The Taste is Natural and hence good. Cocojal is a Natural Thirst Quencher which NO Aerated Drinks can boost off and is a Health Drink too! Considered the Healthiest, Nutritious & Best Energetic, Stress Buster and Sports Drink in the World, because it contains Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins. It is an all season's drink.

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